• Funny story on the news this morning…
    I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition this morning and heard an interesting, rather comical story about a bus driver who was driving a group of Belgian tourists to a ski resort in the French Alps, called “La Plagne”. He accidentally picked the wrong “La Plagne” on his GPS, and instead took them all the […]
  • Sunset Hike with QuickFind Numbers
    Last night my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Papago Park for a late afternoon hike. I was a little nervous about climbing so high, so I stayed down below while he did the heavy climbing up to the top. He found a great spot where he had a beautiful view of […]
  • Spring Training!
    Spring Training just started in Arizona! What’s not to love…perfect weather, hot dogs, beer, baseball? If you are planning on going to any of the games, you need to check out QuickFind Numbers! QFNs makes finding your friends, the restrooms, or your seat a breeze. Just open the app and let it do the work […]
  • Afternoon in the park?
    Meeting your friends in the park for a picnic? Going to a birthday party at a pavilion in a park? Maybe you’re meeting up to play some disc golf at a certain hole… Whatever reason you’re meeting up, parks can be difficult to find your way around in. Not only do you not have addresses, […]
  • Fountain Hills Great Fair
    We stopped by the Fountain Hills Great Fair today and couldn’t believe how many booths and people there were! The streets were so crowded it was hard to know where you were. QuickFind Numbers are the perfect solution for finding locations at big fairs and festivals like this! Vendors can advertise their location as a […]
  • Whiteout on the highway
    Exactly what we worried would happen, happened on our drive back from NYC. About halfway through Pennsylvania it started to snow and within about 2 minutes, visibility was about 6 inches in front of us! We pulled over to the side of the road and considered what was going to happen next. Thankfully we had […]
  • Plan your trips using QuickFind Numbers
    Did you know that the empire state building is located at [020] 1662-1692? Or the famous Charging Bull is at [020] 1397-5654? QuickFind Numbers are a great way to plan your trips! You can save all of these spots in your app and get navigation guidance to them later when the time is right to […]
  • A Better Way to Navigate New York City
    We got to New York City and the traffic is truly INSANE. Between the bumper to bumper cars, the crowded buildings with different street number locations and sizes, and the many cars and trucks parked along the roads, it is a miracle anyone ever finds an address! QuickFind Numbers would make things so much easier […]
  • Road trip through the middle of nowhere
    My boyfriend and I got a last minute opportunity to drive to New York to transport some of his boss’s artwork for an art exhibition. There’s not much to do for 36 hours in the car, so I’ve been doing a lot of staring out the window at the passing landscape. If you’ve never made […]
  • Great News! QuickFind Numbers Premium is now FREE!
    Because we believe that QuickFind Numbers really is going to change the world, we decided to make the Premium app FREE for everyone! That’s right, FREE! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, or have been using the Freemium version, please download the Premium app today to enjoy the full spectrum of features it has! […]

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